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A-to the-R-to the-B-to the-I-to the ... ok, no more of that

This community died. The last few challenges didn't get many responses, I didn't make the effort to keep trying, I couldn't even post anything.

But I believe we are ready for resurrection. It's possible the Fandom PostSecrets meme inspired me, or maybe it's rereading the anonymous hate thread, maybe it's the return of frillybunny signifying the death of Angie and the birth of something new. Maybe I'm way too into the resurrection analogy, which you will see in full detail in the first new challenge. But that's not the point of this post.

You know how I used to ask for suggestions for challenges and we only used like 3? Well, it's different now. Because once we get enough we're going to make a poll with suggestions that you can vote on to see which ones you would all be most likely to actually do.

Leave suggestions for challenges in the comments here. The will all be added to the first poll.
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