Craww (craww) wrote in arbitrastical,

first new challenge since November 2004

...and continuing with the resurrection theme we have the Dead Characters challenge. Dead characters need love too. When one of our favorite characters dies the best way to bring them back into our fannish hearts is to fanart them. The best way to fanart them is together in compromising and half clothed positions. Or not, but that's what I think. Put them into your own idea of what Heaven or Hell would be, whether that be something New Age and swirly or a Turkish bathhouse. Crossovers are good, because there are no rules of continuity for dead people. (and because limiting to fandom means you have to make Trey/Caleb art, and nobody wants that, and if you do I'd like to meet you because it means you're stranger than I am) It doesn't matter if one character died in 1970 and the other in 1999. In the afterlife it's all the same, and they can proceed to get it on.

We know there's someone out there who has always wanted to make Amidala/Cedric Diggory art. Break open the Windows Paint and make Lilly Kane/Laura Palmer art. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/Dead Gay Larry!? There's was a love that never got to be on the show. See, think of all the possibilities.
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