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OMG! New Challenge finally!

I've been moving and having health/computer problems, so I haven't been around to set the challenge in a timely fashion. But tonight that changes! Anyway, I'm going back to my secret vault of "things suggested by community members that haven't been used". rebelpoetus suggested this one a few months ago, and it sounded like fun to me.

Challenge (and I'll quote) : Odd situation - Put the pretty celebrity outside the photoshoot, like taking wet!Jake Gyllenhaal who looks ready to screw the first thing that moves and put him in a kindergarten classroom. How wrong.

Sweet, complete with amusing example that I didn't have to write myself. (Iggy Pop at noon tea! Avril Lavigne in outer space! Keifer Sutherland at Home Depot! Oh god, I can't help it, can I?!)
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