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NEW Challenge! Woo! The pants command you, do not ignore my veins!

I'm sorry there hasn't been a new challenge in precisely one billion years. But I moved and then I went on vacation and it was all very confusing. So, new challenge time! I bet you can probably guess what it's going to be already.

Politics. That's's almost time for those stress inducing American elections, and we're going to take that as an opportunity to pervert the system. Make art depicting who YOU think should be running/winning. Make art revealing the secret lives of the people who are running and their own tertiary cast of characters. If you're not American? Sounds like a perfect chance for a crossover! Yeah. That's right, I went there.

Come on. Get to it! Godzilla and Hello Kitty in 2004! Condy Rice's super sekrit BBQs! The love that dares to have disturbing livejournal communities devoted to it! Give it your all, folks. Oh, and vote. Hah! You thought you could get through this without me saying it, but you were so wrong.
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