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New Challenge, yo.

Time for a new challenge. Perhaps I'll get back on a regular schedule after the Holidays. Any ideas for challenges? Ya know...ones you guys would actually do? Anyway, onto the challenge.

The elections have come and gone, and I think we've all had enough time to get over our despair (and, in some cases, mocking glee) so that we can move on and cheer up. With Christmas/Channukah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Boxing Day/Day-Of-Cold-and-Capitalist-Excitement art! I know, I know. It's cheesy, and it's too easy, and I'm mad at myself because I just rhymed, but it's nearly Christmas/Channukah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Boxing Day/Day-Of-Cold-and-Capitalist-Excitement! It can be subtle and winter themed, or it can be full out gaudy holiday related thing. Make it for someone on your Friend's List, make it out of amusement, make it because your bored. It'll fill this currently contentious fandom with joy...or new reasons to snark about each other. Either are beautiful things.
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