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I can't keep quiet, cause I'm indiscreet

So, for Cordelia Chase? Heaven is all about the shopping. She's had enough demon killing and higher power bullshit to last her a lifetime and now all she wants to do is sit back, relax, get her nails done, and shop. Luckily for her, Heaven has great shopping. Plus, she was almost always the only person in the stores because everyone else was content to float around in their little white robes and play harps and shit or whatever is it everyone else does in heaven. Only one day, she walked into her favorite shoe store to find some trampy blonde pawing her pair of Manolos and who the HELL does she think she is?

Well it turns out she's Lilly Kane! And then they get over their petty shoe bitchery and start wearing dykey jackets and making out A LOT and everyone is happy! Most of all me!

800 ll 1024
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