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fanart challenge

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Arbitrastical is a community I made when I wanted to make fanart but didn't have any good ideas. It occurred to me that there should be a place I could go to get challenged. A place without the word "blend" in it anywhere. I believe challenges can actually increase creativity if they come from a place that has nothing to do with contests and big shiny butterfly brushes. So here we are. Below I've compiled some rules and notes.

It's going to run from Friday to Friday. It's not a contest, so there will be no voting period.

Anything over 300 pixels should have a thumbnail, or be put behind an LJ-cut. Both, if you want to be even cooler.

The challenges shall be strange and amusing, but open-ended. All fandoms, pairings, sizes, etc. will be accepted usually. You'll get a feel for it as it goes.

Once a challenge is posted members shall post their art as a new post.